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Staccato P Gen-1 Grip Conversion

Staccato P Gen-1 Grip Conversion

  1. Installation of customer supplied Gen-1 grip, magazine catch, and magazine well (this is labor only)
  2. Trigger body fitting to grip module

    Many shooters are not a fan of the Gen-2 grip module that is included on the 2020 Staccato P.


    First, the molded texture in the Gen-2 grip module does not offer a great amount of traction for the shooter.


    Second, and more importantly, the magazine catch on the Gen-2 grip modules are not stopping over-insertion of the magazine when conducting reloads. Over-insertion simply means the magazine is traveling too far into the gun. If it travels too far upward into the gun, the feedlips of the magazine slam into the bottom of the ejector. This repeated slamming (specifically on slide-lock reloads) can bend or break the ejector. I have seen this on numerous Staccatos during 1911/2011 operators courses. Staccato claims to have "solved" this issue by slapping massive basepads on the magazine. While it does stop over-insertion, it is a band-aid type fix. To correctly prevent over-insertion, the magazine catch needs to catch the magazine before it inserts too far upward into the gun. At this time, there are no aftermarket magazine catches for the Gen-2 grip which prevent over-insertion. 


    It is recommended that users purchase a Dawson Precision Posi-lock magazine catch when swapping to the Gen-1 grip. Purchase here

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