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Law Enforcement - SWAT

Law Enforcement - SWAT

This class focuses on the principles and skill-sets necessary to perform at the highest level when lives are on the line. The principles in the SWAT class are very similar to those taught in the regular Patrol class, however, that's where the similarities stop. SWAT officers tend to learn in a different style than the regular Patrol officer. The tone, pace and teaching style of this class are flexed to work with your SWAT team's learning style. Once we have the principles down, we focus on applying these newly learned techniques while shooting on the move. We also hone the officer's visual processing at speed so that they can perform at the highest level during a building entry.


In this class, we heavily focus on:

  • Biomechanical efficiency and techniques required to fire handguns significantly faster and more accurate
  • Shooting on the move, advanced movement techniques for more predictable sight picture and accurate shots
  • Controlling center of gravity for recoil absorption and dissipation
  • Advanced grip tension and wrist cam to force the handgun to return to zero
  • Trigger manipulation and advanced reset to minimize "dead time" or "down time" in-between shots
  • Visual processing at speed, acceptable/variable sight pictures dependent on target distance
  • Rapid deployment from holster through efficiency of motion
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