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2011 Magazine Tuning

2011 Magazine Tuning

Feedlips tuned to .345 rear / .355 front

Feedlips deburred and polished

Follower checked for optimal movement

Optional Atlas Gunworks spring and follower upgrades available


A 2011 magazine can single handedly make or break your 2011's reliability. A 2011 magazine requires a very specific set of dimensions to ensure perfect reliability. 2011 magazines are mass produced items, and they don't always come out of the factory with ideal dimensions for performance and reliability. By tuning your factory magazines, you will be able to get the most out of your platform without having to deal with feeding issues.


Competitive shooters have been tuning magazines for optimal performance for two decades. This tuning ensures that the round is pointed perfectly towards the chamber, allowing for better feeding. This tuning also helps your 2011 run smoother, regardless of if your magazine springs or recoil spring are weak, or if your gun is dirty. 


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