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Staccato P Duty Inspection & Tune

Staccato P Duty Inspection & Tune

  1. Complete disassembly and inspection of all parts 
  2. Extractor tuned to 25oz
  3. Trigger weight set (2.5lb to 5lb) 
  4. Overinsertion check
  5. Magazine fail to eject check (grip distortion)
  6. Duty ammo check, chamber/plunk, feeding, extracting tests
  7. Feelips tuned (.355 Front - .345 Rear)
  8. Atlas Gunworks Extra power magazine springs +15% Spring Power (Optional, Add $45)


    In 2020, the Staccato platform gained incredible popularity in the Law Enforcement world. As my department armorer, instructor, and competitive shooter, I have had the opportunity to see many of the Staccatos on the range. 


    While the Staccato P is a great shooting duty gun, it still encounters issues that competitive shooters and 2011 users have been dealing  with for decades. Fortunately, most of these issues are not specific to the Staccato P platform and all can be rectified. 


    This package was created to fix the common  issues I have encountered on Officer deployed Staccatos 

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