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Staccato P Grip Tape

Staccato P Grip Tape

Vicious extra-aggressive grip tape

Black in color

For Gen 2 grip module only


    When I first started shooting competitively, I was obsessed with control. I tried every silicon carbide skate tape, safety walk tape and grip tape on the market. Some had great texture but wore down fast, some had adhesives that failed after a few weeks. I realistically tried 15-20 types of grip tape in search for the perfect one. 


    This grip tape was specifically designed for professional down-hill longboarders. These riders are traveling approximately 50-70 mph downhill and demand the highest levels of control and grip.


    The texture is best described as extra aggressive, extra coarse. The texture has a barb like quality, that sticks into your hand unlike any other product I have tried. The level of control gained is far superior any other skate tape or stipple job. The adhesive is just as hearty and strong. 


    This is for the serious shooter who is willing to sacrifice some comfort for better control. If your hands are not currently rough/calloused, it will rub raw spots into your hands after a long shooting day. 

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